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Together we (re)search Conference 2018

Welcome on the official page of the ‘Together we (re)search Conference’

On the 7th of March 2018 the third edition of the ‘Together we (re)search (TWS) Conference’ will be organized. The TWS Conference, previously known as the Researchparade (Onderzoeksparade), will be a place for exploring the field of research in the social and behavioural sciences.


What: Together we (re)search Conference 2018: Creative Social Sciences”

When: Wednesday March 7th, 2018: 13:00 – 18:00

Where: Academiegebouw Utrecht, Domplein 29.


What is the TWS Conference?

In the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences beautiful and good research is being done. However, for students (and even for employees) it is often not clear what the subjects of research are and by whom the research is done. At this conference, all participants get the chance to hear about relevant research topics, get to know our researchers, and are provided the tools and skills for the academic future.

The goal of the TWS Conference is to give insight of what is important in research, so you might get inspired. This will be provided to you by an expert key-note and multiple workshops. Moreover, this day will be an addition to the career orientation of students.

Afterwards, there will be an organization market, where both students and academic personnel will get a lot of information about career-opportunities, both outside and inside the field of research. For more information on attending organizations, click here.


TWS Conference 2018: Creative Social Sciences

In social science we often are confronted with constructs that can be viewed from different disciplines. Look at the construct ‘Intelligence’ for instance; with decades of research, researches still use different definitions and operationalisations. Researchers are challenged to think critically, but openly. One of the trends visible is multidisciplinary research. In this way, a social scientist is coerced to see a new perspective on the research matter. On top of that, social research has a more central place in 21st century society. With very many little interventions of social research, the society is more exposed to our research. This also means that we must be creative to show society the relevance of our research. How do we provide insight to society about scientific research? Although being creative means having an open mind and being innovative, researchers still have ethical boundaries to abide. How do these rules of procedure work? Finally, we said that social research now is more focused on applied science. We also said that sometimes there is no consensus about social constructs. What drives social scientists to do fundamental research?